Vibration meters

Jantril Monitoring Systems offers professional vibration meters. The Profound Vibra vibration meter has a proven track record of thousands of succesfull monitoring projects worldwide. So if you need a reliable vibration monitor, hire our Profound Vibra vibration meter.

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Professional vibration meters

Jantril Monitoring systems offers professional vibration meters. With a proven 12 years track record of thousands of succesfull monitoring projects worldwide the Profound Vibra vibration meter is to be considered the most reliable vibration meter. The Vibra complies with all directives worldwide. So wherever you have a vibration monitoring project, the Vibra is the perfect choice. Installation is easy and fast and data is available realtime online. The Vibra has remote setting options, so you can always change the setting, wherever you are.

Hire or full monitoring service

You can hire vibration meters and monitor yourself. Or let us do the job! Our experts are well trained. So we can offer you full service monitoring. We advice, install, maintain, report… you can rely on excellent service and reliable data! Realtime online.

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