Vibration meters

A vibration meter can save your company a lot of misery and money. By monitoring the vibrations, you can prevent damage to buildings, equipment and injury to people in the direct vicinity! Are you planning to start a building or demolition project in your home or on an industrial site? Then why not rent a vibration meter at Jantril? As with measuring particulate matter, measuring vibrations is often a one-off exercise, and purchasing the instruments is generally not worth your while. Do you temporarily need extra capacity? Then renting a vibration meter is the right choice! We can deliver the vibration meter throughout the UK. Interested in hiring a vibration meter? Feel free to contact us online for a quote, or simply call us directly!

Professional vibration meters

At Jantril, you can rent the most advanced vibration meters (VIBRA sbr and Axilog 2), which are suitable for professional application. This gives you the assurance of reliable measurements. Furthermore, the equipment offers you the added options of remotely monitoring the measurements in real time and remotely programming the instrument. Do you want to be alerted in case of important incidents or automatically read out or report the vibrations? With the vibration meters of Jantril, you can!


Renting a vibration meter

Renting a vibration meter offers your company numerous advantages compared with purchasing the equipment. No initial investment is required and there is no responsibility on your part for maintenance and service. All this can be passed on to the rental company you hired the equipment from! Do you have a project that requires a vibration meter, or do you temporarily need extra capacity? Then request a quote from Jantril today, or contact us directly by telephone!

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