Sound level meter

A sound level meter establishes the noise level in decibels (dB) at specific locations. By using one of our class 1 sound level meters, you can stay ahead of potential problems, enabling you to say with certainty that you are not causing excessive noise! Where are sound level meters mainly used? On construction sites, industrial locations and at events, and at practically every location where the noise level is only temporarily increased. So why buy, when renting sound level instruments is economically more interesting? Are you looking for a reliable sound level meter for the short or long term? Then let Jantril help you! We deliver all measuring instruments throughout the UK. Ask Jantril for a quote online today, or contact us for more information! At Jantril, you always rent at very competitive prices, whether for a short-term or long-term project.

Want to rent a sound level meter?

Hiring a sound level meter has definite advantages. For example, there is no need for an initial investment and you aren’t responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Our measuring equipment is excellently maintained and we offer the service you can expect from a professional rental company. Are you about to use a vibration meter on your project, or do you need extra capacity? Visit the Jantril website today and request a quote, or call us for personal advice!

Professional sound level meters

Jantril rents out the Norsonic 1550 sound level meter, which is ideally suited for a wide range of professional applications. The complete sound measurement set comes in a handy case and is a class 1 measuring system. Thanks to the built-in modem, the meter can transmit automatic reports daily and supply interim reports. In addition, this powerful sound level meter features an emergency battery that allows you to continue measuring for up to 9 hours if the power cuts out.

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