Sound level meter Nor1522

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Sound meter

Sound level meter Nor1522


The Nor1522 is a complete measurement system for monitoring noise levels during construction and demolition work.
It is easy to use – turn on, calibrate and the system will automatically measure the desired parameters. The system consists of the Nor135, the control program, a tiny PC and a colour display integrated in the lid of the case.
All components come with a sturdy case for easy storage and transportation protected.
The built-in sound level meter complies with the following standards: IEC60651, IEC60804,
IEC61672, IEC61260, ANSI S1.4, ANSI S1.11, and ANSI S1.43 and meets Class 1 requirements.

Other features include:

  • Complete Class 1 measurement chain
  • Integrated modem including SIM cards
  • Automatic daily e-mail reports
  • Mobile text alerts
  • Interim reports
  • Power: mains electricity + emergency battery for 9 hours of continuous measurement during power outages
  • Complete in case

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