Dust Meter

Dust meters are increasingly being used on projects to monitor and assess the air quality at specific locations. Especially now that dust is getting widespread media attention, the demand for these products is on the rise. Measurements of dust are often temporary in nature, which means that for most companies, purchasing the monitoring products simply does not pay off. Jantril has the solution! You can rent a particulate matter meter with us for your short-term or long-term projects. Ask for a quote online, or contact us directly by telephone!


Professional dust meters

At Jantril.nl, you can rent the AQM 65 dust and gas meter, specially designed for professional use. This compact meter, the size of a suitcase, is a complete air monitoring station that continuously measures the air pollution. The monitor can simultaneously measure up to 20 different gases, dust particle types and ambient parameters. After the measurement you don’t have to worry about the air pollution!

Installation and use of the dust meter

The compact AQM 65 offers you numerous advantages during installation. For instance, the unit can be transported by car, carried by two people, and installed and operational on site in under 30 minutes. Moreover, the monitoring station is easy to maintain and we can provide service quickly. This is because the sensors of the AQM 65 are replaceable, which isn’t the case for many other dust sensors. Another big advantage is that you have direct access to the measurement data through an online platform. All this without having to install a program on your PC, phone or tablet, but simply via the browser on the device itself!

Renting a dust meter

Hiring a dust meter offers many advantages. You don’t need an initial investment, for example, and you aren’t responsible for maintenance and service. We take care of everything for you! Have you taken on a project that requires dust to be measured, or do you temporarily need extra capacity? Visit the Jantril website today and request a quote, or call us for personal advice!

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