Air Quality Monitoring

Jantril Monitoring Services offers professional air quality monitors for ambient air quality monitoring. All monitors of Aeroqual and Airpointer produce reliable data realtime online.


Professional Air Quality Monitoring

Jantril Monitoring Systems offers two brands of Air Quality Monitors: Aeroqual and Airpointer. Both brands are considered to be the best systems in the world. With a proven track record of hundreds of succesfull and important air quality monitoring projects worldwide.

Hire or lease?

Air Quality Monitoring projects are mainly longterm projects. Therefor Jantril Monitoring Systems offers full operational leasing solutions. No issues with budgets for an initial investment, no worries about a staff for maintenance… we do the job for you! Our experts travel around the world to advise, install and maintain air quality monitors. You get reliable data, with garanteed uptime. Secured data realtime online, csv files uploaded into your software, complete reporting by our experts? Anything is possible.

Jantril Monitoring

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